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Bonia voucher and promo codes

Bonia Promo Codes & Coupon Codes for Apr 2019

Bonia is an international luxury fashion retailer which bestowed it’s costumers with their desirable products. It was founded in 1974, in Singapore by S.s Chiang (The group Executive chairman).

In 1981, They opened their first boutique in Singapore which has now spread across the world with their outstretching 700 sales outlets and contemporary 70 boutiques.

Malaysia holds the headquarter of Bonia with it’s extensive range of modern and elegant 28 boutiques which equips Everyone with their enchanting and Worthwhile products. Get the best possible discount with promo code at SuperSaverMama.

It stipulates widespread extension of leather goods with leather-Appealing handbags, Trending footwear, and with Mighty and Modern accessories for Everyone!!

It’s Hefty qoute;

“Shopping just a click away”

Equips everyone with their reliable service! 

Bonia voucher and promo codes

More about Bonia Promo codes

Everyone wants to allure the charm to the eyes and grabs the attention which can neither put down your enchanting personality nor it can euthanized your shine but can only assist you to Glow even more brighter with the high quality and markedly Stirring products.

Bonia confers you with their enlightening products to abet you to look even more elegant and Graceful!

Bonia provides you great assistance with their recent provided Coupons, Discounts, Vouchers and Promotions at SuperSaverMama.

1.     Serviceable Coupons:-  

 ·   On Home essentials UpTo 80% off.

·     Women’ clothing , Bonus coupon on 11%.

·     On Technology UpTo 50% off.

·     On free shipping, UpTo 81% off.

·     On Taiwan street , UpTo 80% off.

·      No purchase on app yet? Coupon on 11%.

2.     Our latest Discounts and Vouchers:-

·       RM200= Get mini iPad case for just HKD365.

·        Free Delivery= Enjoy free delivery with orders above HKD456

·        Extra 10% off= Bonia exclusive promo extra 10% off for CIMB CARDHOLDER.

3.     Promotions or Promos:-

·        Extra 10%off for CIMB, DEBIT AND KWIK CARDHOLDERS.

          (Promotions valid from 23rd February till 31st March)

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