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Resalaser voucher and promo codes

Resalaser Promo Codes & Coupon Codes for Aug 2019

We have all played combat games online, on computers or consoles. These games became an essential part of our lives as we grew up. The games brought reality and a fun experience which brought us closer to the games. Nowadays, playing these types of games against real-life people is preferred the most after playing combat games online. Paintball also gained a lot of recognisation and popularity after being released. Resalaser makes an interesting real-life combat game possible, without any major damage being done to each other.
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Resalaser voucher and promo codes

More about Resalaser Promo codes

Resalaser gained a lot of fame in Taiwan after being present in the famous 147 Sports Theme Park for sixteen years. After gaining so much popularity, Resalaser landed to Hong Kong. The game is played with a low degree of laser lights which ensures a safe, painless and interesting combat experience. A new equipment was developed after collaborating with a professional American team to surpass the old infrared lasers. The old-styled lasers are now replaced with 147-NSLT systems. Different game modes allow people of different age groups to enjoy their game. Different game modes include Free for All, Special Mission, Capture the Base, V.I.P Protection, Team Death Match and Defend and Conquer. Each session of the game lasts for 15 minutes and cannot have more than 12 players participating in it.
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